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Web Lecture Authoring Tools

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  • With web lecture authoring tools, users will be able to produce lecture notes and classroom materials online.
    • The produced materials may be access off-line and used for supplemental materials for lectures. (Blended, Flipped Learning)
    • The web lecture authoring tools may utilized for production of e-learning(online) teaching materials
    • In addition, web lecture authoring tools are capable of producing other necessary materials related to professor research.
  • The users may produce teaching materials anytime/anywhere with internet connected PC(with webcam and microphone) and assist of web lecture authoring tools.


UST faculty

How to Log-in

Functions and features

  • accessible anytime/anywhere
  • intuitive user interface
    • constituent elements are not restricted to specific form. Instead, various elements (PPT , screen capture, video, audio, et cetra) can be used in one place
    • E-chalkboard is avaliable
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